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With the current situation, this year’s election for the Student Parliament is based on new modalities, namenly an online vote. According to Kristoffer Eik, list leader of Realistlista, observing the results of these elections will be interesting: it could either imply a higher level of involvement among students, or a lower participation rate than usual.

Last year, Realistlista managed to get four seats at the Parliament, tieing with the Social Democrats. Their goal is at least to maintain four people in, if not more. Realistlista’s program is focusing on several aims, such as fostering the internationalization, developping other ways of assessement or emphasizing student’s mental health. Eik argues that studying abroad on exchange is a great opportunity, since it allows to discover a new cultural environment and to get an international perspective on one’s fields of study. He also underlines the importance of making the campus lively. One of Realistlista’s ideas is to develop an offer of 24/7 tea and coffee machines, by which students could access anytime, even when the facilities are closed.

Realistlista put many efforts in this non-traditional campaign, that was challenging the candidates and their possibilities to inform the students. Nevertheless, Kristoffer Eik hopes that their efforts have not been made in vain, and that word-of-mouth also raised awareness on the importance of the election.