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Exercising on your own can be challenging for various reasons. You might have difficulties to do the right moves, to define your training program or simply to find the motivation. Hopefully, group sessions are an alternative to get started and enjoy practising with other people.

Sammen’s gym in Arstad celebrated its 10-years anniversary with an open day, featuring group trainings such as yoga, tabata or pilates. This was an occasion to discuss the advantages of training alongside with other people. Sondre Vassbotn Mork, one of the instructors in Arstad, shares advice to newcomers: “It is important to start small, do it once or twice a week. It’s nice to join the group sessions at first, if you want to train with others, or to train with a friend.”

Also, it allows students to exercise in a social environment. “I think it’s great, because you don’t have to plan anything, you can just come and join the session and there is typically a good atmosphere” says Egil Brudvik. Does one need more reasons to take the plunge?