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Christmas has arrived and many Norwegians are ready to wear their fancy outfits to impress their co-workers, family and friends during the famous feast, julebord.

Julebord is a traditional Norwegian celebration that takes place every year during the end of November and December. Different traditional food and alcoholic beverages are served. This feast is well recognized nationally and criticized by many due to the excessive amount of alcohol that this celebration implies. However, some think this is not necessarily associated with the celebration itself.

– People drink responsibly. It’s just a few cases when things get out of control. These cases is always getting in the media, says Runar Tuft, a student in Bergen.

Julebord, a time to share together.

Julebord is often a very big party where many people gather together to share the end of the year and to find a common space to meet colleagues and friends in a different context.

Per Paulsen, the manager of a prestigious hotel in Bergen, thinks it is the perfect occasion to run away from winter and have a nice time together.

– It’s cold, it’s dark, there is a lot of rain and bad weather. When Christmas is coming we need to get together, celebrate, we need to meet friends and enjoy ourselves.