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All over the world people are discovering a different kind of yoga which involves contact with others. AcroYoga has quickly become an interesting new way of working out, as well as playing.

Started in North America

Acroyoga is a rather new form of Yoga. The practice started in North America and has two different practises. The one most commonly practiced in Europe is the more acrobatics focused one that started in San Francisco.

The partner based yoga uses acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage and focuses on building trust. This is achieved by having two or three people working together. In the practice there is one «Base» that is the one that is supporting, a «Flyer» which is the person that is supported and a «Spotter» that ensures the safety of the practice.

– We focus a lot on safety because of the risks involved, says the Acroyoga teacher, Lucie Beyer.

More accessable than normal Yoga.

Although a lot of the poses can be rather intimidating, there are some parts of the practice that is accessible to everyone.

– There is little that is more rewarding than being allowed to base someone who cannot use their legs. I have worked with people with no arms and no mobility in their legs and we are still able to do acroyoga together, says Lucie.

Although some of the positions might look rather scary, some people find acroyoga more accessible than traditional Yoga because of the playfulness.

– A friend of mine told me he saw someone doing acroyoga in a park, and thought it looked like a more accessible form of yoga. That says something about the whole attitude of the practice, says Svea Sauerborn, a German student attending the workshop.

Bergen Community

Although acroyoga hasn’t become as popular in Norway as in the United States, there is however a litte community here in Bergen. The community consists of mostly students, but there are people of all ages engaged in this rather different form of yoga.

– We are a rather small community here in Bergen, but might be one of the more active ones in Norway, says Charlotte Meering, the only Jambassador in Bergen.

Their gatherings are jam based, which means that there is no official teaching, but everyone shares what they want. These jams are very informal, and there is no previous experience required to join.

– I enjoy doing acroyoga because of the community and the social aspect. You get to know each other rather quickly, says the Jambassasor.

Bergen Acroyoga has open jams every Wednesday and Sunday.

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