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Lately the safety at student accommodations as Haukelandsbakken and Fantoft has been discussed among international students in Bergen.

BSTV wanted to find out how students living at Fantoft felt about the safety and security there. So, we caught up with some students and asked them their opinions. The students we spoke with said that they find Fantoft to be a safe and friendly atmosphere. They spoke about how the electronic keys for the doors make it very safe. They added that each apartment has it’s own key, and suites with more than one bedroom have separate keys for each room.

A safe and fun place to live

It was brought up that once you are inside a building, you have access to all of the blocks. Fantoft residents said that they don’t mind the easy access to all of the blocks, one of the reasons being for laundry. Residents even said that they prefer the openness of the blocks, because it is easier to visit friends and hang out.

BSTV asked Fantoft residents how they felt about the claims that Fantoft was the least safe of the SiB accommodations. The students replied by saying they disagree with the allegations, and that they couldn’t imagine the things that happened at Haukelandsbakken happening at Fantoft.

According to students living at Fantoft, it is a safe and fun place to live. Many students said that they are happy to live there because of how easy it is to make friends with people living in other blocks.