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A short while after the official opening of Fantofthallen has been celebrated, the first gamers entered the new e-sport room through its decorated door and sat in front of the computers. It is now possible for students to enjoy video games at the freshly-renovated training gym of Fantoft. First-person-shooters, football games and even a virtual golf course are some of the newest activities available to every user of Sammen’s training facililites.

Its location inside a gym could be surprising. Nevertheless, as the manager Olav Handeland explains it, virtual and real sports remain strongly linked. While quoting professionnal e-sport athletes, he states that physical training alongside gaming is a key to stay in good shape and perform well during competitions. Focus is what matters both in professional gaming and academic studies, says the manager of the e-sport department.

This new gaming section isn’t obviously dedicated to pro gamers, but to everyone. Olav Handeland tells that one of the goals is the development of a community. In order to do so, he and his collegues intend to organize various events, such as competitions. The place is also appropriate to relax and enjoy a game with friends, without competing. And given that the other training devices are literally on the other side of the door, switching from virtual to real sports is effortless.