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The election for the Student Parliament and the University Board is held during 9th to 16th of April. According to, students have the right to partake in all decisions that affect them and students have at least 20% representation in all boards and councils at UiB.

Members of seven parties stand as candidates of the Student Parliament. Many parties think that housing should be improved, which means international students can live at the other housing and communicate with Norwegian people. Also, each party has their own unique agenda for all students, including international students.

Liberal Liste

Liberal Liste stands for liberal humanity. They care about freedom of choice and that people are different and need different solutions. They believe that each student has the ability to create something new and to be creative and curious.

– We aim to open orientations for international students in both semesters. It gives international students information in Bergen and the opportunity for communicating with each other, says Tobias Aron Bashevkin, 2nd Candidate of Liberal Liste.

Blå Liste

Blå Liste is a list of Liberal Conservative principles. They base their policy on the principle of individual freedom and equality. It means that students will have greater freedom of choice to influence their everyday lives, to have the opportunity to make their own choices and to be treated equally in the system they are part of.

– We want to make a system of podcast or video of lectures. It is very useful to study again after taking lectures later in the semester, says Espen Vaage, 4th Candidate of Blå Liste.

International Students List

International Students List is an active group of international and Norwegian students that draws on the expertise and knowledge of Human Rights Activists and student leaders from across the globe. They are an open and liberal group that believes in inclusiveness, equality, tolerance, social democracy, and the environment, and they are non-aligned and believe in the free expression of various ideologies that represent the international and local community.

–  We think that the library in UiB should purchase more books. If it does, international students as well as Norwegian students do not have to buy books every semester, says Md Shifat Ullah, 1st Candidate of International Students Liste.


Realistlista is a political and ideological independent list of goals for pursuing a rational and active student policy based on published research and sustainable development. They want to achieve this by focusing on efficient and good solutions for both young and old issues.

– We want to make a international community with the other universities to share research or communicate each other, says John Benjamin Lothe, 1st Candidate of Realistlista.

Gul Liste

Gul Liste is a Christian Democratic list in the student election at UiB. They hope to be able to change students study day.

– We want to make the discount for students on bus or bybanen better. It makes it easy to use transportation in Bergen, says Morten Stene, 2nd Candidate of Gul Liste.


Venstrealliansen (VA) is a list for the wide left, as well as all those who burn for women’s struggle, the environment and social justice. They want to make the student’s voice heard and don’t want the fight for students to take place only at clammy parliamentary meetings. They think that the struggle must take place where the students see it.

– We want to make the experience of being an exchange student in Bergen as good as possible. For example, by making the buddy system better and more visible, tells Varg Lukas Folkman, 9th Candidate of Venstrealliansen via e-mail.

Sosialdemokratisk liste

Sosialdemokratisk liste is a politically independent list, composed of students wishing to make a difference at UiB. They wish to improve all the aspects of the study day for all students UiB. This means that they want to improve everything from the student’s personal economy to the quality of teaching.

– We want to create more international study programs. Additionally, we want to further improve the cooperation with international universities. We are also working to avoid tuition fees for international students, tells Nikolai Klæboe, 1st Candidate of Sosialdemokratisk Liste via e-mail.

The seven parties have the own unique thoughts for international students as well as Norwegian. International students are also voters at the election, and decide the future of UiB.