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The world is becoming more global, different cultures are mixed in big cities as well as in tiny towns and villages. Yet, origins and roots are still important and it may create a conflict.

 When I lived in the US, I suffered from the identity crisis, «Am I a Japanese or an American?» says Sanae Okuyama, who is a Japanese born at the US.

Why is such conflict created?

Ethnicity is the center when we identify people

Although the society is breaking down barriers among people originating from different cultures, ethnicity is still the single most important factor. Ethnicity spans wider than skin color and preferences for Christmas dinner.

Some of us enjoy living in an environment where multiple cultures are allowed to co-exist, while others are forced to choose between a set of cultures. For those who live in an unfamiliar society and culture, the political issue about their living is very practical.

 We should emphasize the social justice in order to create the good society. We should realize the globalization is not a uniting force, but a dividing force, says Randi Gressgård.

 The society needs to be open and have multiculturalism towards the immigrants and other ethnic people by having policies, says David Lackland Sam.

These issues are becoming more debatable as more globalizing. We should think about it to create a good society in the global world.