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It’s been one month since the reforms in Blocks C and D in fantoft began, since their beginning they have caused a lot of trouble to the students residing in the blocks near it. From loud noises, to the cutting of certain zones of the residence, students are having some inconveniences caused by this reform, and some of them have showed their discontent with this situation, while others say they are inconveniences caused by a necessary situation.

– They throw the trash just under my window and sometimes they are very noisy, says resident Margot Thorette

The opinion of the residents

Even though the rehabilitation of these blocks is completely necessary in order to modernize and make living in these blocks more comfortable for the students that will reside in them next year, it has also caused the option of having a single room with shared kitchen and private bathroom to not be able this year. Also, certain zones around these blocks are closed, preventing the residents from taking some routes within the residence.

We have interviewed some students from blocks A and B, which are the blocks that are more affected by these reforms because they are the ones that are closer to the reforms zone.

– It’s a shame because they closed the building where most of the people socialized, says resident Christophe Balin

So, how’s the situation now?

One of the most problematic aspects of this reform is the duration of it, because it’s planned to last until August of 2018, which will mean a whole year living with all these inconveniences for the students .

Now these blocks are used for special events, for example, they have been used to give accommodation to the volunteers of the cycling world championship.

There will be more reforms like this one in the other buildings in the upcoming years.