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Social Democrats first, DERA second. Magnus Nygaard and Thea Sofie Jåsund Grastveit elected to the University Board

Thursday night, the candidates nervously awaited students at University of Bergen decision.

The Student Parliament (SP-UiB) and the University Board hopefuls gathered for the results at Det Akademiske Kvarteret .

Turnout up!

Turnout is 22% at The Student Parliament election, a big improvement since 2014’s low 18.2% .

Representatives for the student parties were pleased with this result.

DERA’s Jørgen Aagedal Sundt, said that it was unfortunate that many UiB students still do not know that an election was happening.

– We made the election more viewable

The number voting in the University board elections was significantly less but has gone up as well.

Victory for the Social Democrats?

The Social Democrats managed to secure one more seat than last year. So did the Green Party and The Only Real Alternative (DERA).

One party dropped out from this years student parliament election, leaving a lot of seats open.

All three parties managed to capitalize on HF dropping out. DERA saw the biggest increase, voter share went up 6% from 2014. Social Democrats saw a 4% rise.

DERA vs. Social Democrats 

The fourth  candidate voted in for DERA, Jørgen Aagedal Sundt,said he hoped they had made voters more engaged by being more fun.

– I think we put our main issue on the table. We should focus on cases and not pretend to be political parties.

President of the student parliament, Tommy Aaerthun, said there has been beef during the election capmign between DERA and The social democrats.

Johanne Vaagland, 1st candidate Social Democratic list, was not sure of a possible confrontation with DERA.

– No i don’t think so. Of course we have different politics in our platforms.

Mari Bondevik, 2nd candidate for SP-UiB DERA, said that they always make it a little tense.

Magnus and Thea Sofie for Senate

Magnus Nygaard and Thea Sofie Jåsund Grastveit both won a spot on the University Board.

Thea Sofie (SV) secured a tight victory over Marie Nellevine Kalvehagen (SV), Magnus Nygaard running mate, by 82 votes.

– I need to settle into this role and it needs to dawn on me.

Magnus Nygaard comfortably secured more than a 200 votes win, over Thea Sofia’s running mate, Lars Arne Nilsen.

Former Rivals

Magnus and Thea Sofie  will  have to learn how to cooperate with each other after being opponents.

Thea Sofie was disappointed her running mate did not win.

– I think we would have a good team, that’s why we put ourselves together.

On the other hand, she feels that Magnus has similar enough policies to help them cooperate.

Another Social Democratic President?

Social Democrat’s Johanne Vaagland, 1st candidate for SP-UiB, says she will be running for President of the Student Parliament.

– I’m running for the leader of the student parliament at the University. Still no one else is running.

Johanne was hopeful that she was going to be successful.

Green Issues

The Green party managed to secure four candidates in the Student parliament.

1st candidate, Camila Cimadamore-Werthein, said she thought students were really engaged in environmental issues.

– People are concerned about it and aware about sustainability and climate change.

Summary of the Student Parliament Results

Social Democratic list: 6 elected

The Only Real Alternative: 4 elected

Green list: 4 elected

Left Alliance: 2 elected

Blue List: 2 elected

Liberal list: 1 elected

Full list of the results can be found here.